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Spring 1 2022

Termly Booklet

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The value for this half term is 'TRUST'. We will be exploring this in worship and during PSHE.


Family Groups

As a lovely start to the school year we worked in our original house groups to prepare a display for our new 'family groups'. The original house groups have changed to become the four elements. We voted on this with help from the Junior Leadership Team. We are now in either Wind, Fire, Earth or Water. We were given a bible verse to create a representation of. All our ideas were put together for a brilliant display. Everyone collaborated to make this masterpiece.

Family Elements hall display.jpg


We had a fantastic week during STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and we collaborated really well with our class mates and with Year 3 when we communicated our ideas. We enjoyed using the TASC wheel to plan our project which was to design and make a boat which could hold the most weight. We were given the choice of using either paper or cardboard to make the boat and we could also use any bonding materials from cellotape, PVA glue, staples, masking tape and the glue gun. 

We had great fun planning and making our boats and especially testing them. It was a fair test and we all watched transfixed as we carefully placed the weights on to the boats. The winning design was from J and Y whose boat managed to hold 550g before it started to sink.



Our new class book is called Arthur and the Golden Rope. It begins in a vault which holds many of the Brownstone's treasured possessions. We were told his most special items inside were his books. We worked in groups to think about the importance of books. We thought about what they can be and what they are and created a poem based on our ideas.



As part of our new learning challenge we researched where the Anglo-Saxons settled in England. We used an atlas to find names which had specific endings giving us clues to Anglo- Saxon settlements. We really enjoyed this challenge. Some of us were amazing detectives and could quickly find places ending in 'ham, bury, ton, ing' and many more. Our noticing muscles were definitely stretched!


MATHS- Division

We have been using our growth mindsets as we learn about division and thinking of ways we know how to solve the problems. 


 We have been looking at some more efficient methods of how to solve these problems and have realised how important knowing our times table facts is!

SCIENCE- Dancing Raisins

We had a very visual science lesson where we had to think about what we could see happening in the glass of lemonade with added raisins. We had to use specific scientific vocabulary to describe exactly what we could see. Many of us were planning to do this at home and teach someone else what was going on and why.



Every day this week we have completed a mental health activity which also linked to the 5 ways of well-being. On Monday, everyone came to school wearing their own clothes which expressed how they were felling.

Express yourself.JPG

We started the week by completing some mindful colouring whilst listening to relaxation music. We also worked in a group to think about others. We baked some biscuits which we sold and the money we raise will go towards the British Red Cross at the end of the year. We have decided to be 'Courageous Advocates' and think about others who need our help and we know the wonderful work the charity does for others in crisis so we thought of those to support. Every week we will bake biscuits in small groups and sell them to different year groups. We will alltake partin baking, selling and eating the biscuits.



We also made a stress ball out of a balloon and rice. We have some of these in our Zones of Regulation Box but we could take these home. HYH said, "After squeezing it, it helps us get back into the green zone. It was enjoyable to make."

stress balls.png

We also completed other mindful activities such as reading for pleasure, making bookmarks with reminders on for ways to take notice of our surroundings, we played a competitive game of benchball and we enjoyed reciting our class poem to Miss Bridgehouse. She was very impressed that we could still remember all the words and actions to the Owl and the Pussycat which we learnt last November! 



In RE we have been learning about Jesus and how he had authority over people and healed a sick man on the sabbath (a day he should have been resting) but knew God would be pleased with his choice of helping someone. We discovered the impact of this by researching someone of our choice who has learnt from Jesus and his teachings. These people challenged authority and have made a difference to the world today. We reflected on their actions and how we can learn from their behaviour.

Malala.JPGRosa parks.JPG




To end our learning challenge we presented a learning showcase of all the knowledge we had found out about the Anglo-Saxons. Parents and friends were invited to watch our showcase.


We sang songs, shared our learning and showed off our 3D projects. We had a great time! Take a look at some of our fabulous homework...









Love to learn and learn to love




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