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Playground and Lunchtime Provision

The children are enjoying the changes on the playground. We have different zones supervised by adults which mean children can play with cars/trains in one area, or have a play café in another. There is an adult supervising board games in Year 4 classroom and one in Year 5 classroom doing colouring and drawing. Other staff are organising games on the big playground each day so there is a lot of choice.

 Each class has a day on the football area and a basketball day. There is a basketball available for shots practice for any child to join in. Wacky Wednesdays involve music and dancing on the middle playground which is very popular and we still have our quiet area for those who want to sit and chat. The area further down the playground has balancing areas and dens and children can sit and enjoy our young orchard and fruit bushes. Ask your children how they’ve spent their lunchtime. They may even be involved in some lunchtime clubs which meet in school.

Our year 5 playleaders have been trained so they help organise and play games with the younger children and give even more choice to our children.

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