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Nursery - Autumn 2 2020

Welcome to our Autumn 2 page! We are so excited about our new big question 'What makes a celebration?'

Let all that you do be done in love

1 Corinthians 16:14


We have been learning about what makes a good friend. We have learnt it is good to listen, share and include our friends in our play. We have enjoyed using our mini-me's to learn our new friends name, We have matched mini-me's to their big selves and stretched our imagination in the small world.


What happens on Bonfire Night?

We talked about our own experiences of bonfire night. We listened to the story of Bonfire Night and why we celebrate with fireworks. We printed firework pictures with paint using a range of different tools and colours. We used coloured lollipop sticks, pom poms, sequins and straws to make fireworks in the dough.


We watched videos on firework displays. We listened to firework songs and poems. We made firework noises using voice sounds. We used rockets for counting – forwards and backwards. We drew fireworks outside on the floor with chalk. We made fireworks by threading pipe cleaners into a colander.


We listened and then retold the story of the Rama and Sita with puppets.

rama and sita 2.png

We looked at traditional Hindu patterns and create our own for a Rangoli. We drew round our hands and made mendhi patterns. We made Diwali cards. We used salt dough to make own Diya lamps, we decorated them with powder paint, glitter and sequins. We listened to Diwali songs both modern and more traditional. We used traditional music and dance to explore music from around the world and imitated dance moves, we used what we had learnt to create our own movements to music.


We explored what happens at birthday celebrations. We read the book Happy Birthday Maisy. We talked about our own experiences of birthdays.

Happy birthday maisie.png


We made cakes from playdough and carefully counted the candles.


We used pegs to match to the correct number numerals on the cake.


We mixed flour and icing sugar together in the tuff spot to pretend to make our own cakes. We used different sized bowls and spoons to make our cakes.


We read The First Christmas. We found out about how people prepare for and celebrate Christmas. We learnt Christmas rhymes and songs. We decorated the Christmas tree in our classroom.



We made paper chains and other decorations. 



Thinking about what we have learnt about different celebrations – we planned a party.  We thought about what food, music, games and entertainment we should have. We decorated the classroom and prepared entertainment for the party. We had a party as a class.


We took our diyas, cards and decorations home to share our learning with our families. We hoped they would bring joy to our families.


We dressed as stars and sang the song Shine Star Shine for the whole school Nativity.




Love to learn and learn to love




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