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Autumn 2021

'Let all that you do be done in love.'

1 Corinthians 16:14

This term, we will be living out our vision in our play; learning about and developing friendships, practicing justice and fairness through our school rules, and showing love and care for all those that love us.

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What if we were all the same?

This is the Big Question we will be exploring throughout the Autumn term.  It will help us to explore and wonder about ourselves and other people - what makes us the same and what makes us different, and how we can celebrate all the wonderous things that make us special and unique.

Much of the learning in our class will be done through play.  The adults will join the children in their play, extending and challenging their thinking through their own fascinations, motivations and interests.  Alongside this, we will be enhancing our classroom activities in our first weeks by trying to answer the question 'What makes Hyde special?'



Our first weeks

We are so proud of how well all the children are settling into their first year of full time school at St George's.  They are all trying so hard with their learning, excited about their play and confident to share their ideas. It is wonderful to see friendships begin to flourish, creations be made and games be played.  Have a look at some of our photos...

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Our school family

We have loved exploring our school this week and meeting the people who help us and care for us at school.  We had lots to tell them, and lots of questions to ask.  We loved finding new places and were very excited by the wonderful things that we saw.  We are looking forward to visiting them again, especially the Spiritual Garden,  We were very thankful for the kindness and time that everyone showed us, and for answering our questions to help us learn more.

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A visit to the Spiritual Garden 

This week we have enjoyed visiting and exploring in the Spiritual Garden. We listened to the Bible story about Creation and reflected on what we had heard. We all talked about what we are Thankful for in school and at home, and said a prayer of thankfulness of someone in our lives. Lots of us were Thankful for our families, our friends and our St George's family. 

We met our Year 6 buddies this week and had lots of fun playing together. We showed kindness to one another and can't wait to play together again. 

Please click here to see pictures from our visit.

What is the same and what is different?

This week we have been growing our brains by using our noticing muscle.  We have been looking at ourselves and our friends and thinking about what makes us unique and special.  We noticed that some of our features are the same - our hair colour, our eye colour and our bodies, but we also noticed that there are lots of differences too.  We shared our favourite foods, our favourite toys and games, and our favourite people.  These were all different and we talked about how this made us who we are.

We used our creative skills to make a 'mini-me' - showing just how unique and loveable we all are.

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Autumn Changes

This week we have been using our noticing muscle to identify and wonder at the changes that occur as Autumn appears. We have been talking about the changes in the colours of the leaves and playing with conkers. Can you spot any signs of Autumn? We have shown respect for our environment as we look for creatures that we see in Autumn.

We enjoyed going on a walk around our local area to spot the signs of the changing season.  We walked past the Church and down to the canal. We spotted the leaves which are falling from the trees - they had changed colour from green to yellow, orange and red. We also spotted chickens, horses and even a squirrel!

Please click on the link below to see pictures from our walk. 



Our Community

This week we have enjoyed thinking all about our community. We have thought about places in Hyde that might help us. We thought of the fire station, the train station, Asda, the Town Hall and the Market. Can you think of any other places that might help us? 

We have been really interested in making maps of our local area and used blocks and bigs rolls of paper to create our own. 

On Friday we went for a walk around Hyde to see if we could spot any of the places we had talked about. We were very excited to see the park, the Mosque, St Georges Church and the Town Hall as we walked around the town. 

Please click below if you would like to see pictures of our walks and our maps. 




We are continuing to learn through play, and finding out more and more through the activities and provision that we enjoy.  We will be enhancing our learning with experiences, activities and texts that will help us answer the question 'When do you have a party?'


This week we have started to think about special events and celebrations. We thought about the celebrations that different families and communities might have. 

Thursday was the Hindu festival of Diwali. We enjoyed seeing how children would get ready for Diwali in their homes and how they might celebrate. We made our own Rangoli patterns using chalk and Diva lamps in the dough.

Click here to see our Diwali celebrations

We have been reading the story of Biscuit Bear. We made predictions about what might happen next in the story and how we thought Biscuit bear might get to safety.

We followed a recipe to make our very own Biscuit ears. Can you tell someone at home what ingredients we needed and how to make our biscuits?


biscuit bearbiscuit bear


When our Year 6 Buddies came to visit we showed Friendship and Generosity by sharing our biscuits with them. We hope they enjoyed sharing our baking!!

Our Biscuit bears and year 6 buddies!


We started this week with Odd Socks Day to launch our Anti Bullying Week. We have been showing kindness to those around us and thinking of ways be can be kind to our friends with "one kind word."

odd socks.jpeg

We have been practising making simple patterns using lots of different materials and spotting the mistakes in Mrs Coley's patterns. 

We followed simple instructions to make our own salt dough and used this to make our own Diva lamps as we continued to think about Diwali celebrations. 



This week we have been continuing to learn about celebrations. We have learnt all about Eid and shared our own experiences of this special time.

We have really enjoyed talking about how families decorate houses, create and wear mehndi designs and feast on favourite foods with loved ones. 


We have also been looking at the features of shapes. Can you remember how many sides each shape has? We looked around our classroom and outdoors to see which shapes we could notice.


Each day this week we have enjoyed preparing tasty treats for our Christmas Enterprise evening. We made cakes, fruit kebabs and samosas to sell. We hope you enjoyed them!!  


The Christmas Story

This week we have enjoyed hearing the story of the Nativity. We have been reading the story "Jesus' Christmas Party" by Nicholas Allen, which retells the story from the point of view of the Innkeeper. 

We have thought about the special presents the three Kingsgave to the new special baby and explored our Generosity by thinking about what presents we might bring for baby Jesus. Some of our ideas were toys, a cot, bottles and a new sister! 

We also have enjoyed dressing up as the Shepherds and thinking about how they may have felt when they saw the new baby.

We made our own Christmas decorations by practicing our cutting and joining skillss and we have been very busy decorating our classroom. 

In our number work we have been thinking about the different ways we can make numbers. We used cubes to explore the different ways we could make 5. 

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We retold the story of the Nativity through song, and performed it for our mums and dads.  We loved dressing up, though being on stage was very new to us all!


Love to learn and learn to love




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