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Autumn 2 (2021)

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This half term we will focusing on UK geography and answering the question ‘Where in the UK are we?'
At the end of the Learning Challenge, we will be thinking about how we can make a change in our own community.
We will share our own opinions as well as listening to the opinions of others and make suggestions to benefit our community.

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To begin the Learning Challenge, we have been exploring our current knowledge of where the UK is in the world and what the countries of the UK are...

After this, we have secured our knowledge and now know exactly where we are...

We can't wait to zoom closer and discover the cities and counties of the UK! 

Take a look at the video link below to remind you of the countries in the United Kingdom and their capitals. 

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Today, we celebrated the start of Diwali and our Hindu friends in Year 3 shared their experience of the celebration. We then looked at the story of Rama and Sita to understand where the celebration originated and the importance of diya lamps, fireworks and rangoli patterns. 


We began learning about our new science topic today 'light and dark.'
We became scientists by discovering that dark is the absence of light and sorted a range of light sources. We have been thinking about countries like Bangladesh who have less electricity and sources of light than us, where it can be much darker! 


As part of our English, we began to explore our new 'mystery' book and picked out key vocabulary and descriptive phrases that help us to picture the events. We used our creative skills to produce artwork in a media of our choice to express the events and descriptions from the story. 


We have been exploring where in the world the UK is located. Location has been one of our words of the week this week and we have used it in lots of our sentences!


This week we have been exploring the 8 point compass directions and we are beginning to use these to describe the position of cities and counties of the UK.


This week in Year Three we are celebrating Interfaith Week. We have been looking at other faiths and making links back to Christianity. We have been learning about Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism today and understanding how we all link together through our shared values. 


In science, we have been exploring and investigating how reflective different surfaces are and using scientific vocabulary to describe the surfaces as they recorded their results. 


As part of Anti-Bullying Week this year we wore odd socks and learned that we are all special and all different! We thought about what is unique about ourselves and our partners, thinking about the kind words that we could share with them. 


Today's Collective Worship was left led by York who shared a story from the bible about sharing to show compassion. They helped us to reflect that sharing objects, words and thoughts can sometimes be difficult, especially letting go of a fear that things may get broken but sharing can make a world ofdifference to others. We loved hearing how you share to show compassion and your reflections helped us to see how we can make small changes to make big differences. 


This week, Year 3 have been for a walk up Werneth Low to see the beauty of Hyde from above. We noticed how green our town is from a distance and how lovely and natural it looks. Over the next few weeks, we will be comparing this to our local area at street level and considering how we can be a courageous advocate in our town.


Today in science, we have been investigating materials and their properties to decide which materials would be the most suitable to make sunglasses from. 


Year Three presented their Collective Worship response to our value compassion yesterday. They did a great job of reflecting on their learning and helping the rest of school to look forward and show compassion in different ways.


Today, we have been hot seating the shepherds from the Christmas story and have been thinking of words to describe how they felt when the angels appeared. We then thought of questions that we would want to ask the shepherds to find out more!


Today we celebrated Christmas together with our friends in class and held our Christmas jumper day for charity. We enjoyed eating Christmas lunch together and pulling crackers, as well as telling some hilarious jokes!


We have been on a walk to Hyde old library today, as part of our Learning Challenge. We were sad to see that the building has been left to rot as well as being vandalised and rubbish dumped all around it. We Have been considering how this could be improved to make a positive contribution to our community.


Year 3 Courageous Advocacy

Year Three have been focusing on the local area around us and whilst carrying out their fieldwork, they discovered Hyde Old Library. 

We were terribly upset by the terrible state that the building was in and discussed the vocabulary that linked to our feelings to describe what we found. Following this, we researched the building, finding newspaper articles and YouTube videos of the before and after images of this once wonderful building. 

The children were so upset that they decided to gather their ideas of what the building could be used for and how it could help the community. They then wrote letters to opur local MP Jonathan Reynolds, asking what is being done with the building and offering our suggestions. We went one step further and used our computing and typing skills to type up the letters that we sent.  We look forward to his replies!

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Love to learn and learn to love




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