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Autumn 1 21


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As part of our Chester Zoo Connections Project we have been looking around our school grounds and thinking of ways we could attract more wildlife and make our school even better. We decided to create a meadow area on the beds which were overgrown and needed some attention. When the area is ready in the spring, the bees and other insects will come and visit. We also thought we could make some bird feeders and hang them around the school grounds. We have got some brilliant ideas about what we would like to add in our grounds when we continue to look at this next term.


We had great fun researching and making our recycled bird feeders. It was a little tricky but we persevered and are proud of doing our bit to help the environment. It is God's creation and we want to look after it just like God looks after us.

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We are excitied about looking after our school grounds and watching them grow.


The value we are exploring this half term is thankfulness and we have been able to use our school grounds to really appreciate everything that God has created for us. We definitely have a lot to be thankful for. We enjoyed sharing the fruits from the orchard for our snack- they were DELICIOUS!!

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We have also been thinking about what we are thankful to God for about ourselves. We thought about which part was 'the best part of me' and explained it in our own words.

Here are a few examples which are displayed in the classroom:

Best 2.JPG Best 3.JPG  

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Learning Challenge: What clues from the past tell us about the Romans?

To begin our learning challenge, we had to cut, order and glue the events during the Roman times onto a timeline. 

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CLASS WORSHIP 21st September by Amelia, Amelia and Fatimah

The girls led our class worship this morning based on the value of 'thankfulness'. They planned the whole thing from start to finish and were very organised in delivering the worship. We watched a short video clip of the story where Jesus feeds the 5,000 using only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. We also sang 'Dream Small' which had some lyrics in linked to the story. 

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As a response to the video and questions after, we had to write on cut out fish some food we are thankful for. To finish the worship, we used our own prayer boxes and chose an item to help focus our prayers.

"I chose to use the playdough because you can shape it like a friend and I am thankful for my friends," said Ashar.

"I used the love heart because I am thankful for the people who love me, my family and my friends," explained Zunairah.

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Our exciting trip to Chester Dewa Museum on Wednesday 22nd September

We went to Chester Dewa Museum to deepen our knowledge about the Romans-  it was great fun and we all had a wonderful time. We fully absorbed ourselves in being historians using different sources of evidence to help us with our historical enquiry. After our journey on a luxurious coach, we were met my Roman Centurions who had very powerful voices and were extremely bossy! We did not mess about though: they had scary faces and armour! 


We marched around the streets of Chester chanting Latin at the top of our voices under order of the Leader. We visited the remains of the Roman Ampitheatre and found out about all the gorey events that happened inside. We also were taught how to fight and organise ourselves in battle. This created quite a crowd of tourists who were entertained by our confident skills.

When we returned to the museum, we had a guided tour and found out more about life during the Roman times. There were many different places for us to imagine such as being on the boat as the Romans arrived in England, walking around the streets, looking inside a Roman Bath and also being in an Ampitheatre. We became archaeologists as we moved towards the end of the museum. There were detailed displays for us to use our noticing skills and look carefully at the remains which had been dug up by archaeologists many years ago. We were surprised to find out that poo is the most exciting thing for an archaeologist to find because it hides the best treasures inside! We were able to dress in the armour of the soldiers- wow it was heavy!

We had a brilliant day and are keen to continue our learning and find out more about Pompeii and the Colloseum. 

Please look at the gallery of photos. Click here to see the gallery. 

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RE- Investigating Churches

As part of our RE learning this half term we have been investigating churches from around the world. To begin with, we researched this using the Chromebooks and identified churches from all over the globe. We used our noticing skills to compare the beauty of each building. We went to our local church (St George's) and spent time appreciating the building we have missed visiting during the pandemic. We found out about the features of a church and what was specific about our church. We were lucky to look at a heritage display about the church and saw how much it had changed over the years. We had to remember lots of new vocabulary as we prepared a booklet showing the features of our church. 

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We have been learning easy ways to learn our times tables and realised we can learn 4 facts in 1! We are becoming quick at recognising fact families and learning two times tables at the same time. 

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We were also given the challenge to create a numberline including negative numbers. We were able to magpie ideas from our friends and some of us soon learned from our mistakes. We also researched temperatures below 0°C from around the world. There are some pretty chilly places out there!!!

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It was the turn of the boys to lead our worship this morning and they did a great job. We were ready for worship as they turned off the lights and played one of our favourite songs "Here I am to Worship". They planned it well so that everyone was involved throughout. Each table was given a big sheet of paper with a word on and they had to write specific words around it linked to what they were thankful for. This was swapped around and shared as a class. We also created a response prayer where everyone joined in saying, 'We thank you Lord...' then we finished the prayer by saying 'We thank you Lord for everything. Amen.' We also wrote our own thank you prayers too.

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We are working really well in our PE lessons to learn the skills to play a game of hockey. We are good team players and enjoy using our noticing skills to attack and defend for our team. We are hoping that during the next few weeks the weather stays dry so we can continue to come outside for our lessons.



We are really enjoying our class novel and have predicted what we think might happen next in the story. We had to use our 'Linking Lucy' Building Learning Power muscle to do this as there have been many clues so far in the story for us to guess based on what has already happened and the change in mood of the story.  We used some of the same features that the author Carol Ann Duffy has used such as including similes and personification. When we finished, we worked with our learning partner to peer assess our stories.


CLASS WORSHIP Tuesday 5th October- led by Manaahil, Nasiha, Mehreen and Valentina.


The girls did a fantastic job at planning and delivering our class worship today around the value of thankfulness. After welcoming everyone, we were all given the challenge of a jigsaw memory verse. We had to create the memory verses which go with our value but the problem was it was all cut up and mixed up! We were quick to remember though and we were pleased when we could check against the actual verses. The girls told and acted out the story of 'The Centurion's Servant' who was sick. Despite treating Jesus cruelly, he still went into the Centurion's house and healed his servant who was extremely thankful for his act of kindness. This is how Jesus wants us to behave. We have been given the challenge to think about how we can serve and help others just like Jesus did. It was a super worship and we finished with our own prayers and sang 'Peace like a River'. Well done. 


As part of our science identification learning about living things and their habitats, we went outside to identify the trees in our local area. Mr Kilpatrick is an expert at doing this and really helped us. When we came back to school we went on the Chromebooks and used 2 Question on Purple Mash to create a branching database to sort out 4 of the trees. This part was a bit tricky but we are persevering with this.


WELLBEING DAY Monday 11th October

We thought about the 5 ways to wellbeing and completed our passports throughout the day. We played fun games as a team, completed the daily mile, spent time in our favourite place in the Eco area, did mini exercise sessions, made 'Pass on a smile or a hug' cards for others in school and at home, and we learnt how to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish. It was a great day and we have realised that we need to keep doing this regularly to keep our minds and bodies well.


CLASS WORSHIP Tuesday 12th October by Yaqub, Ashar, Emad and Reon

The boys delivered a very confident worship linked to our value of thankfulness. We watched a short video of Prophet Daniel and imagined we were in the lion's den too. We thought about what we would do if we were frightened and ways which helped us not be frightened. We used our own prayer boxes and said a thankfulness prayer based on one of the items in our box.

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