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Autumn 1 2022

The value for this half term is Hope.

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We have looked at symbols of hope and some bible and Qur'an verses.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and to not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11.

"So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are (true) believers" QUR'AN 3:139

We have thought about what we are hoping will happen this school year and we wrote this inside praying hands or crossed fingers.

The question we will be asking this term is "How did life in Britain change when the Romans ruled?"

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PSHE Activities

Every afternoon we have been spening 10 minutes working with our family groups on a range of activities to develop our personal, social and health education. So far we have completed the Daily Mile, took turns to spin the exercise rainbow wheel and we have competed against other groups with a large hoop. We had to hold hands and make the hoop travel from one side of the line to the other without breaking hands. We really enjoyed this and loved the challenge of improving our team skills. We look forward to more activities to help build up our resilience.

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Rainbow wheel exercise (4).JPGRainbow wheel exercise (1).JPG


In maths we have been playing games which have been stretching our reasoning skills using dice. We worked in learning partners and rolled the special 0-9 dice and chose whereabouts on our own place value chart we would write the digit it landed on. The person who created the largest 4 digit number won the game and we started again. Sometimes we created the same number as our partner because we had the same thought about the best position for the digit to go. It was great fun! 

PV Game (1).JPGPV Game (2).JPG


In our Science lessons we have been learning about animals and living things. We learnt about the 7 life processes and came up with some good actions to help us remember them in the future. We also sorted animals in to different groups such as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and insects. Mrs Twinn gave us a selection of animals and we had to think about the characteristics of them so that we could group them in different ways. We thought about what size they were, what group of animal they belong to, whether they have fur or scales or if they live on land or sea. We were really stretching our questioning muscles and even more so when Mrs Twinn chose someone to come to the front and have an animal on their headband. They had to think of really specific questions to guess which animal everyone else could see. The person who guessed correctly with the least amount of questions was the winner. Saafirul was our winner- well done!



We were very excited to start our music lesson and begin to learn how to play the ukulele. Mr Bennett also sbrought his guitar in for us to have a look at the difference between the guitar and the ukulele. We know we are going to enjoy becoming more confident to play this instrument very soon.

Music 1 (2).JPGMusic 1 (3).JPG


As part of our RE lessons learning about different churches we went in to our church and used our noticing skills to look carefully at some of the features found in churches and take some photos. We learnt some new vocabulary and will be designing a booklet about St George's in the next few weeks. We have already compared the outside of the building to churches found in many different countries around the world. We found it really interesting how different they all were and what similar features some of them had. 


We have been having a great time working together with our friends in the class. One of the activities we had to do was work together as a team to see which table was the best at collaborating and solving the problem. We had to use one hand to guide a piece of string attached to an elastic band around plastic cups and stack them as a pyramid. It was really good fun and we surprised ourselves. We learnt that good communication was really important and working together persevering when it was challenging and being aware of what everyone else in the group were doing. We can't wait to do it again soon.



We were being science investigators on Friday in our lesson. We had to look in our local area and identify a living thing, draw it and say where its habitat was. We found many delightful insects under logs, in the dark bark, near walls and inbetween stones! We did also notice some birds in trees, apples on trees and fungi growing on the damp soil. 

living habitat (1)(1).JPGliving habitat (2)(1).JPG


Take a look at the homework completed by the boys in class. They chose to bake a Roman recipe as part of their Choiceboard homework this week. They very kindly brought it in so that we could all taste them. We were lucky to try some Roman honey cookies and an Ancoent Roman cake. They were both delicious. We look forward to the other homework like this in the coming weeks!! What a great job they have both done and have inspired others to bake something themselves.

Baking (2).JPG  Baking (1).JPG

Some more amazing homework that has been brought in:

Baking Har.JPG Baking Max.JPG

Khadija A.JPG


We have had a great time learning how to read and solve problems with Roman numerals. We enjoyed using the pencils to create our numerals.



We are really enjoying our music lessons with Mr Bennett. He let us play on his guitar after we had our ukulele lesson. It was much bigger than the ukulele!


As part of our RE lessons learning about churches, we went to the local Hyde Methodist Church with Mrs Mather who attends there. We were able to compare our church to the Methodist by looking for the similarities and differences between the features we found. 



We went outside to identify the trees based on leaves from an identification key. The tricky part was understanding the vocabulary to know whether our answer was a yes or no. Once we understood the language, we were able to identify quickly which leaf belonged to each tree. Luckily our school has many different trees for us to identify in the area.





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