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Autumn 1 2021

Wildlife Connections Project


How can we help the bees?


Conservation- 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' Genesis 1:1

In Year 2 we are thankful for God's creation, we value the wildlife and environment around us. Throughout this year we are going to be considering how we can help save our wild bees. We have learnt all about bees and why they are important.

We have visited to Chester zoo and seen their wildlife meadow project in action and also been on a hunt to see how many bees we can see on our school grounds. 

We tasted the delicious honey that bees produce but also recognised all of the other foods that we should be thankful to bees for. 

honey taste 2.JPGHoney taste.JPGHoney taste 3.JPG

We have found out that our bees are facing lots of different threats and they are struggling to survive. As a class we decided that we want to make a difference and do everything we can to help bees. 


Along with learning the value of flowers and looking after them, we have dug up our Year 2 garden and planted some bee friendly flowers which will blossom in the spring and give the bees lots of juicy nectar to take back to their hives. Year 2 are going to nurture there flowers all year and observe how much the bees enjoy them next spring and summer. 


Poppy seeds.JPGPlanting poppies.JPG













Is our Society Entirely Fair?

fairness.pngRosa Parks 2.png


Year 2 are going to be learning all about fairness. We will explore the meaning of fair and express what we think is fair and unfair in our world today. 

We are going to study the life and actions of Rosa Parks, a couragious advocate from the past who we can learn from. We are going to take inspiration from Rosa Parks and become agents for change ourselves, considering and acting to help make our society a fairer place for everybody. 




Rosa Parks.png


Who is Rosa Parks and what is her legacy?


We have used a range of sources to gather information all about Rosa Parks and her life. We have presented the things we found out in our learning challenge books. 







Collective Worship


Year two have planned and devlivered their value response for this half term. During the collective worship the children explained what they have learnt about thankfulness and what it means to be truely thankful. 




Love to learn and learn to love




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