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Autumn 1 2021

Our Very Special Guests

We welcomed parents into our classroom to show them where we learn and how we learn!  We are so thankful that we can now all mix and chat as we love to share our learning!

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Home Learning

I have sent the children home with their pink home learning books.  Choose 1 piece every week to complete.  Remember to be creative and have fun!

Peter and mum.JPG
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Learning Challenge

Wildlife Connections Project

We have been learning all about native birds from Great Britain.  We have used an identification page to find out the names of the birds that live in our playground.  We have stretched our listening and our noticing muscles to see how many birds we can see and hear.

We have made bird feeders out of plastic bottles and juice cartons, filled them with bird seed and put them around our playground to encourage birds to land.

Making Bird Feeders
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What was Beatrix Potter's legacy?

We are learning all about Beatrix Potter and her life.  

Beatrix Potter

We were very lucky and thankful to have a visit from Arnie the rabbit!  Everyone was so brave and stroked her - this has given us an insight to how Peter Rabbit moves around and what he eats!

Peter Rabbit.JPG
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Maths Learning

We have been ordering numbers to 20.  We have collaborated with our friends to do this!  Fantastic!

ordering to 20
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Our Morning Routine

We love to come in and wake our bodies up!  

dance  pic to click on.JPG
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Look at what we do outside!

We love to use our outdoor space - no matter what the weather is like!  We build, climb, investigate, dig and lots lots more!

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