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Autumn 1 (2021)

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'Let all that you do be done in love'

1 Corinthians 16:14

Welcome to Year Three! This half term we will learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age and answering the question ‘Could your family survive in the Stone Age?' We will explore how historians know about the past through the cave paintings and art. At the end of this term, we will be inviting you in to take part in a Stone Age day of your own to see if you could survive life as a Neolithic person!  

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The bible and qu'ran quotes that the children have selected for thus half term are:

Quran 14_7.jpg   Thessalonians 5_18.jpg


On Monday, Year Three kick started their Learning Challenge with their Stone Age day. We were challenged to collaborate with our house groups to create a shelter to look after our families. We had lunch around the campfire before helping our neighbours to create tools. Finally, we finished the day by foraging for food in the local area where we noticed berries and nuts!


As mathematicians we have really enjoyed challenging ourselves to solve Year Three problems. We collaborated and used the resources around us, stretching lots of our learning muscles. Our teachers have been extremely impressed with our ever-growing resilience and support for one another. 



This week, Eddy and Yunus have enjoyed leading parts of our Collective Worship and helping us to reflect on our value of Thankfulness through the story of the 10 lepers. 



This week we have been busy creating our new relective area for our value thankfulness.
We were very excited to find bible and qu'ran quotes as well as writing prayers, choosing objects and creating a response and challenge.
This half term's challenge is 'What are you thankful for?' and Fatema, Yunus and Eddy would like you to draw a picture and explain this in a thought bubble, which we will put into our class floorbook at the end of this half term. 

Remember that our act of generosity and courageous advocacy this half term is to give to the food bank.
Please bring donations in as often as you can afford to. 

We had a great time today during our outdoor learning challenge. We learned about hunter-gatherers and how Neolithic families worked together to find food. Outdoors, we foraged for food and discovered which food (and poisonous food) grows in each season, reflecting on the issues for families during winter. 


We really enjoyed our first chess lesson with Mr Dainty and loved stretching our noticing and listening muscles! We’re excited to learn about more pieces and moves!



In our RE lessons we have been exploring the question 'which rules should we follow?' and thinking about why we have rules and how they help us. We have been working as a group to explore the different stories about Moses and his life. We really enjoyed sharing our learning with others and considering 'what if people didn't follow the rules...' Leading us up to 'The Fall' as part of God's Big Story. 


We really enjoyed learning with our partner and stretching our noticing muscles today to distill information about Stonehenge. It was great to see lots of our reading gems being explored too! We collaborated with our partners to share information and are really looking forward to creating a double page spread to share our learning! 


As scientists, we have been learning about pollination and why bees are so important to help God’s wonderful world. We really loved designing our own gardens to show how we can attract bees and insects to help our other plants and trees to reproduce. 



During our RE, we have been reflecting on the 10 commandments and what that means to us. As a response we considered what attributes make a 'caring citizen' and presented these as a job description or guide book. These will be part of our new display showing our learning journey in RE. 


Take a look inside our reflections book to see how our harvest service made us feel... It was great to give and to share worship with other classes and parents this harvest.


Year Three were proud to show off their learning by challenging their grown-ups to live like people in the Stone Age and complete some challenges. We were proud of our adults stretching their noticing muscles and they helped us answer our question ‘Could your family survive in the Stone Age?’

Spoiler alert... there weren't any phones, WiFi or even metal back then! It was wonderful to hear our reflections and see them recorded in our Learning Journals. What a great end to our half term! 

Love to learn and learn to love




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