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Autumn 1 - 2020

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Our class reflective area

Our class reflective area showing our value of love. The children have enjoyed using the activities in this area, adding their prayers, poems, thoughts and shared ideas.

Class Collective Worship

Click on the picture to see more from our worship time

Year 6 are enjoying leading their class collective worship linked to the value of love. Each group carefully planned and delivered the worship themselves.

Our first Learning Challenge

We enjoyed studying the book 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' and answering our question 'What can I read between the lines?' We have reminded ourselves about Growth Mindset, BLPs and our School Values while using this text.

Our Learning Challenge Display

Our Family Poems

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We've received lots of lovely poems and pictures of 'our family' showing how important they are to us and how we help each other.


Click on the picture to see more of our harvest celebrations

We enjoyed furthering our knowledge of Harvest and sharing what we've learned on the Harvest school video. We created Harvest prayers, Harvest artwork (in the style of Andy Goldsworthy) and we baked apple muffins, using apples from the school garden alongside Fair Trade ingredients. We showed our value of love by giving our muffins to someone else rather than eating them ourselves. We enjoyed taking part in the Harvest Service which was held outside this year.


We created a piece of art work to illusrate our thoughts - what we enjoy doing or are interersted in. These are on display in our classroom.

Click on the picture to see more of our artwork


Click on the picture to see more of our art

We imitated Andy Goldsworthy and created pieces of artwork in his style.


We worked together to compile a vocabulary list linked to WW2 evacuees. We used empathy and our thesaurus to help us with this.

Our WW2 workshop

Year 6 enjoyed their World War 2 workshop. We learnt about different types of shelters, cracked some coded messages and performed drama to teach each other about issues in the war. It was great fun and lots of learning took place. Click here to have a look at the gallery pictures.

We have been working hard in our learning challenge books to show what we have learned during our World War 2 Workshop. They look fantastic!

Evacuee Drama

We enjoyed making their own gas mask boxes for homework. We used them in our evacuee drama. First, we looked at reasons for and against being evacuated. You can imagine how difficult it must have been for the parents at that time. We used our imagining and empathy muscles to get into character to create each scene; from the train station platform, on the train and arriving in the countryside.

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Year 6 have been creative with their gas mask boxes which they made for homework. Some made matching gas masks too!

Click on the picture to see more of our gas mask box creations

Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors outdoors

We have now begun our learning ambassador work. We are all helping each other to achieve year 6 standard.  We understand that you can only teach something to another person if you deeply understand it yourself. We are constantly changing who is the teacher and who is learning depending on our current needs.


We are enjoying our lessons with Mike the sports coach. It is lovely for us all to be able to exercise together once again. We are also completing our daily mile and trying to beat our personal best score to help us get fitter.

Growth Mindset

We have reminded ourselves about the importance of having a growth mindset. First we sorted language into growth or fixed mindset. Then we self-assessed ourselves to identify which situations our mindsets are growth and which are fixed. We then learnt some strategies to help us to move from a fixed to a growth mindset.

We created our own class poem linked to Growth Mindset.

Click on the picture to see more of the poem

Zones of Regulation

We have leant about the 4 different zones and which emotion belongs in each. We also investigated better word choices for each emotion using our thesaurus. Next we tried to link facial and body language to each emotion. We tested our knowledge of this by playing picture bingo. It was harder than we thought it would be - some emotions are easier to recognise than others! We found with some facial expressions it was hard to decide the exact emotion and easy to mistake it for an incorrect one.

Love to learn and learn to love




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